About Intracoastal Family Office

_MG_3845-smallIntracoastal Family Office, LLC is a boutique firm founded in 2007 by senior partners Jeffrey Eagle and Jack Kaplan. Jeff and Jack have worked together serving clients since 1985. As a result of the growing number of wealthy families who required more than just the standard wealth management function, they created a firm that assumes the day-to-day administration and management of a family’s affairs. Intracoastal Family Office, LLC provides centralized management for wealth governance, legacy planning, philanthropic planning, caregiving and special needs, and customized investment management.

As concerns about wealth preservation and succession planning within families continue to rise, wealthy families are increasingly evaluating the benefits utilizing a family office. The clients of Intracoastal Family Office, LLC share a deep desire to keep their families and themselves in balance, are focused on success, care greatly about their family legacy, and recognize the value of a strong team. Some of their concerns are straightforward while others are much more complex. Our clients take an active role in managing their finances, are purposeful, accustomed to excellence and have a strong sense of mutual accountability. Honesty, transparency, competence and integrity form the foundation of their expectations.