Legacy Planning

Family legacy planning is an opportunity to define, reflect on and express what wealth really means to a family. It is the creation of a definitive plan for managing total wealth while one is alive with a clear plan to pass on your legacy.

The objective of legacy planning is to establish goals for the ultimate disposition of your wealth. You need to decide how and who will benefit from your estate. Heirs may need financial education to prepare them to receive assets, if they have not had an active role in the management of the family’s wealth. We encourage clients to discuss the importance of financial education with heirs and provide them with the skills needed for their future roles as wealth owners.

Protecting your wealth is another key element of the plan. The key is to identify those assets you want protected and the potential harms. This goal is particularly important to small business owners and professionals.

As life progresses and goals shift, the professionals at Intracoastal Family Office LLC create and implement strategies to preserve ones’ family legacy with continual guidance as the family grows and changes.